Daisuke Tanabe is set to return to German label Ki with his Floating Underwater LP next month. Spanning 15 tracks, the record shows off the Japanese producer’s (and former RBMA participant’s) knack for crafting genre-defying beats. On “Origami”—a cut pulled from the first half of Floating Underwater—Tanabe sews together an off-kilter array of hi-fi percussion and fuzzy chords with a disjointed bass synth. The resulting concoction is pleasantly reminiscent of Uprock Narratives-era Prefuse 73—burnt with a touch of soul, the track can be unpredictable, though its spastic, miniature movements never venture too far off the map. An alluring taste of Tabane’s forthcoming full-length, “Origami” can be download below before Floating Underwater officially drops on September 15.