As announced, Orson Wells has signed to Live At Robert Johnson for an album, Pneumatics.

Pneumatics is, after releases at Innervisions, Die Orakel, and his own label Sound Mirror, the debut album of Orson Wells (as long as you don’t count in Jupiter – Wells’ first LP which was released in 2014 with 48 copies on cassette). He has previously released on the Frankfurt label before, with a 2013 EP and another in 2014. He also appeared on that label’s compilation in 2015.

The label describes Pneumatics as “post-retro futuristic,” uniting electro, downtempo and ambient over the course of 12 tracks.


A1. Welcome
A2. Rise
A3. A66
B1. Hemisphere Pt. 2
B2. Zerphyx
B3. Geodesic
C1. Situation
C2. Trianon
C3. Sincere
D1. Cityspeak
D2. Multipass
D3. Hemisphere

Ahead of the LP’s September 15 release, “Hemisphere Pt. 2 ” is available to download below.

Hemisphere Pt.2