After releasing music from Neon Indian, How to Dress Well, and several other high-quality, lo-fi artists, it would be totally okay for the folks at Lefse Records to rest on their laurels a bit. Instead, the Sacramento-based label is indulging its inner TLC impulses and expanding with a new series called Way Slow. In the words of label head Matt Halverson, “Each release will be a unique creation from start to finish. Many of our artists are going to be releasing material that is well outside of their normal sound, some will be collaborations, some will be from parts of the world where most of us will never see… Our physical products will be hand wrapped/sewn/carved individually for every release and presented as a heartwarming package of beautiful sound.” The first offering comes on October 12 from London’s Banjo or Freakout, and if the rest sounds as good as the dreamy, washed-out haze-pop of “Over There,” this Way Slow series could be something special. Future installments are forthcoming from artists like Houses/Teen Daze, Phaseone, Ganglians, Sonny Smith, Sunnybrook, and Tape Deck Mountain.

Over There