A seasoned dub-techno producer who has been releasing music since the late ’90s, Icelandic artist Örnólfur Thorlacius (a.k.a. Ozy) has landed with a new LP via the nothings66 imprint. Incorporating a number of cold, textured originals alongside remixes from the likes of Laurel Halo and Miles Whittaker, Thorlacius’ new Distant Present LP serves as the producer’s first full-length effort since 2002. To celebrate the record’s release (it is out now in Japan and officially arrives in the US, UK, and Europe on March 25), Ozy and nothings66 have gathered a few additional remixes such as this one from Berlin-based sound artist and vibraphonist El Fog. Taking on “Alltaf Eins”—a cut from Ozy’s 2002 LP, Gray Area—El Fog creates an hypnotically immersive expedition, burying precise sub-bass pulses and bits of microscopic percussion beneath richly detailed layers of electronic abstraction. El Fog’s rework of “Alltaf Eins” is available to grab for free below, where a sampler of Ozy’s new Distant Present album has also been included.

Alltaf Eins (El Fog Remix)