French artist Hugo Billionet will launch his Pall Simon project with new two-track EP, titled The Black Lunch, via his own Greek Statement Records, which he runs from the suburbs of Paris. 

Billionet has previously released as Paume in 2014 via Melodic Records. We’re told that this new project “conserves the luxuriousness of the artist’s previous releases, but the tracks are driven by a more forceful and stripped-down style of beats and basslines.”

The EP opens with the eight-minute title track, driven by a shifting yet repetitive bassline, yet conserving a dreamy, organic feeling with the inclusion of melodic keys and vocals, as well as a variety of delicate percussion and sample work. The B-side is a change of pace, dropping the listener into what feels like a small, dark room full of sweaty dancers, permeated by raw acid basslines, a slowly oscillating sub-bass, and dry, hard-hitting beats.

In advance of the EP’s October 26 release, you can download “The Black Lunch” in full via the player below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. The Black Lunch

02. Ballroom Dancing