Violet is a Portuguese producer and former Red Bull Music Academy participant with a penchant for smooth, Detroit-styled house music. On this remix by newcomers Photonz, however, the dark, sensuous touch of Violet’s original “Palmas” is dabbed with a touch of woozy-eyed gravitas that sees strings, pads, and vocoder synths detuning in a wave pool of heat-addled hysteria. The track is anchored assuredly by Photonz’s slamming four-by-four beat, which crisply propells the remix through seasick passages, tropical sunrises, and a few closing moments of pure early ’90s grooves. “Palmas (Photonz Remix)” is off of a new EP from Violet, called Collective Data, which dropped digitally today by Ukrainian imprint Wicked Bass. Have a listen to a preview of the EP after the jump, and check out the tracklist while you’re at it.

1. Guincho
2. Black River
3. Palmas
4. Palmas (Photonz Remix)
5. Palmas (Cardopusher Remix)

Palmas (Photonz Remix)