For its 50th release, Seattle’s bass-pushing Car Crash Set imprint is releasing four EPs in tandem by four different artists that call the Pacific Northwest home. The No Northwest series, which will also be compiled into 12-track LP (pictured above), all drops tomorrow, and includes tunes from Ill Cosby, qp, 214, and, featured here, Cedaa. “Palomino” is just one of the four tracks featured on the young tunesmith’s EP, and it’s a fresh experiment in the realm of highly melodic, juke-flavored bass music. Cedaa spices his jam up a bit more with handcrafted sound effects that bring to mind a myriad activities—like splashing through puddles, playing Super Mario Bros., and racing in spaceships. We’re not sure what all of that has to do with palominos, but it certainly has plenty in common with forward-thinking dance music.