Based in Munich, the classically trained musician Martha Plachetka (a.k.a Panic Girl) has from a very early age spent her days either playing or creating music. Well-versed in both piano and guitar while sporting stunning vocals, her love of music eventually lead her towards electronic production as her sonic capabilities increased over time and she grew attached to her ever increasing collection of gear. Her studio contains a plethora of impressive hardware, such as the Marxophone, a Doepfer Eurorack system, ARP 2600, Juno 60, Casio CZ-5000 and a Virus synthesizer.

Having just recently released a six-tracker titled The Breeze via Infiltrator Records, Panic Girl has offered up the EP cut “75” as today’s XLR8R download. Escorted by her coaxing and gentle vocal work, the track’s resounding carillon-like aura rides alongside grainy soundscapes, drawling synths, and a clean drum pattern.

Download the track “75” below via WeTransfer.

You can check out more from Panic Girl by visiting her SoundCloud page here.