Billow Observatory, comprised of Danish producer Jonas Munk (a.k.a. Manual) and Auburn Lull guitarist Jason Kolb, has sent over “Pankalia,” a pretty tune that brings to mind ambient mogul Brian Eno‘s timeless “An Ending (Ascent).” Interestingly, the guitar in “Pankalia” hides in an process-heavy disguise, sound which Munk spent the better part of the last decade sculpting for the duo’s forthcoming self-titled album. “The basis for most of this material comes from guitars and effects devices, but every bit has been processed and treated with software. I didn’t use a lot of different effects,” Munk said in a press release. “The focus on my part has been on shaping each bit of sound to perfection, still maintaining the character of a guitar, but turning it into something that doesn’t sound ‘played’,” he continued. Indeed, like “Pankalia,” the album is entirely ambient and, well, billowy. “I think of a lot of this material as sounding as if it comes from surroundings rather than from hands touching instruments,” Munk stated. Billow Observatory is set to drop on December 4 via Felte.