On June 14, Norwegian cosmic disco lover Diskjokke will release his third full-length record, the six-track Sagara. That album follows just under a year from his last, and is finished out by this lengthy cut of swirling live electronics. In fact, “Panutup” seems like a strange choice for the first tune to leak from Diskjokke’s LP, as it’s practically devoid of the driving dancefloor beats we’ve come to expect from the producer. The whole seven-and-a-half-minute song is instead rife with deep analog synths, calming aural textures, and heartwarming melodies—like some kind of mood music for people with good taste. It’s only after we’re halfway through “Panutup” that we get a quick jolt of upbeat rhythms, though they’re quickly replaced by the gorgeous ambient sounds again. Let’s hope we get more of these well-balanced sounds when the rest of Sagara is released via Smalltown Supersound.