Now, we’re usually wary of tracks that come along with absolutely no information, which is why we had to take a second glance at this one when it popped up on Actress’ Twitter account yesterday with nothing but a brief note reading “Sleeping in the next werld,” but all signs seem to point to the Werk Discs label head. There’s that inherent uneasiness Actress seems to weave into all his tracks present on “Parallel World”—the slightly off-kilter rhythms that slowly make sense as they’re pulled apart and piled back together. And then there’s the intricate melody, which floats and revolves as if spinning around the song at its own pace, yet somehow still miraculously fitting into place when needed. Then to top it off, the track clocks in at a jaw-dropping nine and a half minutes, surely a mark of the one producer who can weave slow-burning abstraction for such an elongated period and continue to effortlessly hold our attention all the same. Let’s hope this tune is a hint at more similarly enveloping pieces from the South Londoner to make their way to our ears sooner rather than later.

Parallel World