Wedidit affiliate D33J has maintained a steady output of remixes and refixes to his name over the past year, but is yet to have his own productions grace a proper release. Fortunately, Anticon will change this fact with the West Coast artist’s debut EP, Tide Songs, when it drops on April 30. “Park (Tape Version)” serves as the forthcoming release’s lead track, a contemplative beat rooted in melodic forms and touched with angelic vocal whispers. While the tune may lack the R&B influence heard on almost all of D33J’s reworks, “Park (Tape Version)” does display the same laid-back flow and invitingly introspective mood that has marked most every tune on his SoundCloud to date. The artwork and complete tracklist for the Tide Songs EP can be found after the jump.

01 Park (Tape Version)
02 Young Wavy
03 Reever’s End
04 Drowning Pools
05 Sleeping Out

Park (Tape Version)