Parks Burton will soon release his first full-length album, Pare, described as “a distillation of themes” developed over the past four years on releases for Secret Songs, Hush Hush, and Grind Select. The release is described as “gnomic and psychedelic,” and consists of 16 “tightly wound pop songs that crackle with stacks of interlocking baroque vocals and dense, brawny synth arrangements.”

Pare is an attempt at live-cell microscopy on small emotional themes. By way of a certain kind of layered synth density, I found I could illustrate and catalogue these totally minuscule perceptual moments that I didn’t otherwise have the vocabulary for. Pare is the total diagrammatic layout of these structures, trimmed and sequenced into something resembling pop music.” — Parks Burton

In support of the release, which lands via Grind Select, Parks Burton has shared “Wren,” an “attempt to nail down the feeling of distraction and light panic. When you can’t concentrate on anything but [the wren].” Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below.