Photo: DJ Scribbles

Past Palms is a New York-based producer of lo-fi music. Blending lush ambient soundscapes, warm nature samples, and distorted, bass-heavy beats, the music aims to encapsulate the feeling of surrounding yourself with an oasis of tropical houseplants while living in a grey, nature-less city. 

Each track on the Past Palms EP is inspired by nature. “II. Kentia” is even named after his favorite plant, the Kentia Palm. It starts off warm and relaxing, but it builds to a chaotic climax with harsh distortion and intense clipping. “It’s the sonic interpretation of what it feels like when you’re watering this paradisiacal palm tree, but then you look out the window and see grey desolate buildings and factories with no sign of nature anywhere,” he says. 

I wanted to express how it feels to watch the morning sun fall across gorgeous palm tree fronds while an ambulance or giant truck blares outside, and all that can be seen from the window is grey and concrete—no green anywhere. I used bright harp samples and field recordings of nature to create a lush and peaceful atmosphere, then brought in bass-heavy drums and distorted vocals to embody the brashness of the city. I love both elements and how they coexist, just as the nature we bring into our homes coexists with the often-desolate cities we live in. Past Palms, for me, is an attempt to reflect the feeling of trying to connect with nature in a nature-less place.” — Past Palms

The dreamy EP drops on Friday, June 21, and in support of its we’re sharing “II. Kentia” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to GDPR restrictions. 


01. I. Unfurl

02. II. Kentia

03. III. Livistona

04. IV. Majesty

05. V. Bloom