Sometime during the spring of 1973 in the Bialowieska Forest of Poland, as the story goes, a sort of social/musical/architectural experiment took place at the behest of a music-obsessed Czechoslovakian millionaire named Jiri Kantor (read more on that here). His plan was to create “a new European sonic community… a multimedia discotheque,” which ultimately failed; the Endless House project lasted only six weeks. However, the music from that time lives on, and has just been released as the Endless House compilation (pictured above) by the UK’s Dramatic label, which includes this gem from Rasmus Folk. The beauty of “Pavel” lies in its deft straddling of eras. The song’s analog synth washes and churning rhythms are torn from the palette of early Krautrock, but the kinds of sub-bass and audio effects that also play a part in Rasmus Folk’s production sound like reinvigorated vintage samples à la Demdike Stare. So, whether or not that elaborate backstory is true (we’re pretty sure it’s not) isn’t all that important—the music is still here, and it’s damn good.