One may think that making spatially amorphous, rhythmless washes of soupy synth tones and blurry aural textures would be relatively easy, and they’d be right. However, making those same sounds interesting proves a task few are capable of. Alongside the likes of Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, and Mike Oldfield stands Oneohtrix Point Never: Brooklyn’s Daniel Lopatin manning the station of formless electronic music (whom XLR8Rfeatured in its pages not long ago). This slice of interstellar sonics is taken from his latest release, Returnal, and is as equally indescribable as the Lopatin’s confounding moniker. “Pelham Island Road” starts off with what sounds like the tail end of another instrumental suite heavy with Juno-60 patches, and cuts off abruptly on its way to another floating point somewhere further into Lopatin’s psyche. (via FADER)

05 Pelham Island Road