Peonies (a.k.a Nikita Melnikov) has a particular attachment to the sounds of old school electronic music. Since the summer of 2015—an aura he has immortalized with his own Summer Nights imprint—Melnikov has been hard at work churning out a series of limited cassettes filled with a wide array of throwback sounds. From the fuzzy ambience of his 2016 split with Nikita Villeneuve to the lo-fi acid of his Expansion debut, the St. Petersburg-based producer has displayed a penchant over the past year for forging a hazy brand of dance floor tribute. Melnikov explains of his new project: “The whole idea was to bring back that summer feeling when you are in your countryside mansion surrounded by nature and it’s sunny and warm and you listen to some mix on your old tape deck and feel happy just because.”

His most recent offering, entitled There, applied his signature grainy aesthetic to five club-ready house jams. “Pink Clouds,” track one from the June 22-released offering, listens almost like a found object: dreamy, intriguing, and sufficiently surreal.

Download via WeTransfer below.