LA boy/girl outfit Kisses (pictured above) are a precious couple of singers and music-makers who rely on the simple ideas of ’80s pop and the beachfront stylings of Balearic disco to color in their heartwarming, immediately lovable songs. The duo’s latest single, “People Can Do the Most Amazing Things,” will be released August 2 along with this remix from Saint Etienne co-producer Pete Wiggs. For his version, Wiggs switches out Kisses’ original upbeat, post-punk-referencing instrumentation for a colder vibe composed completely of electronic elements. The result sounds something like a lost b-side from Matthew Dear’s Asa Breed album, and even a bit like a Hot Chip number circa The Warning. But regardless of who the remix reminds us of, Wiggs’ re-work is a great production, and provides a perfect counterpoint to Kisses’ more buoyant original.

People Can Do The Most Amazing Things (Pete Wiggs Remix)