Big Dada recently released the third EP (and second for the label) from burgeoning London-based producer Offshore. Here we have a track from his new EP, Pacer, which brings together massive bass, menacing percussion, and a sparse, string-like melody for a mechanically driven outing that exists somewhere in the ever-growing regions of bass music. This tune is a little uncharacteristic of Offshore’s output to date, which usually finds the Londoner diving into more chord and melody-popluated territory, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have the focus put on the young man’s drum programming for a change. Who knows what evil pieces of machinery inspired, or perhaps were sampled to make, the intensely percussive layers? And are those tuned timpanis we hear firing off in the background? Nice. The Pacer EP is out now, and will be followed by another EP and an eventual LP in early 2012.