Teeth (a.k.a. Matti Pentikäinen), the newest addition to Sound Pellegrino’s stable, didn’t get his start in music by creating the kinds of skittering rhythms featured on his upcoming EP, Meme is the New Riddim. As a member of the Finnish hip-hop crew Ceebrolistics for more than a decade, Teeth earned his stripes by crafting smooth, laidback beats throughout much of the late ’90s and early 2000s, but his interests gradually shifted into the realm of club music. Last year, it led him to create his most well-known track, the slick and seductive “Shawty” (our 18th favorite tune from 2011), as well as drop some solid EPs, start his own label, and remix the likes of Renaissance Man and Bambounou. Featured here, “Percolator Meme” is one of Teeth’s latest productions, a largely minimalistic and percussion-driven track that winds its way through a number of different rhythms while male and female vocal samples call and respond to one another over intermittent synth squelches. You can pick up the five-track record, which also features a remix of “Percolator Meme” by Lazer Sword, on June 18.

Percolator Meme