Peter Ibbetson has revealed Control Yourself, a new EP after last year’s Rivals

Ibbetson, a London-based producer, and multi-instrumentalist, uses live drums, analogue synthesisers, and drum machines to create a sound that encompasses electronica, house, techno, post-rock, and ambient elements. He cut his teeth touring as part of the live outfits for George FitzGerald and Makeness. 

Control Yourself is a heady mix of analog synthesisers, live drums, and expansive soundscapes that create a multi-textured, layered journey. It draws influence from Boards of Canada, Caribou, Tortoise, Four Tet, LCD Soundsystem, and Aphex Twin. 

Control Yourself is a reaction to the idea of restricting yourself in creating music, forcing yourself to break away from your creative habits, and open your ears and head to new possibilities,” Ibbetson says. 

In support of the EP, out now, we’re offering “Thistle Hotels” as one of today’s free downloads. The deep track builds to a blissful late night conclusion over six minutes of impeccably layered electronics. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to GDPR restrictions.