South London-based producer Peter Ibbetson—known for performing live with George FitzGerald and Makeness—is set to make his solo debut with the Rivals EP.

Having previously worked with esteemed artists such as Rosie Lowe and Valerie June, Ibbetson continued to develop his experimental electronic production after joining FitzGerald’s new live outfit. His experience working with these artists has shaped and moulded Rivals, we’re told, described by the label as a “bold and refined” debut. Starting out as a number of improvised experiments in the studio, the five-track project developed into a polished body of work, draped in modern electronics and textured synths. 

Lead single “Wednesday,” available to download in full via the player below ahead of the EP’s October 5 release, blends layered melodies with pounding 808 kicks. 

EU readers can download the track here due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Pattened

02. Wednesday

03. FortyFour

04. Rivals

05. ARP7365 (It Really is That Simple)