Back at the end of last month, Indian-Italian producer Petit Singe released Akash Ganga, the follow EP to her 2014 debut, Tregua, on Haunter Records.

Although well over two years separated the releases, Singe was anything but dormant, playing countless gigs and furthering her unrelenting exploration into forward-thinking sonics. On the new release, Singe presents a mix of post-club sensibilities that reminisce on and interpret her native Indian roots into an exhilarating five-track journey. Tabla-led rhythms and mind-bending sound design bookend the release, with smoky melodic flourishes sneaking through the constantly mutating textures. A personal and artistic milestone, the release fuses elements of Singe’s personal history—like naming one of the tracks after the date her foster parents brought her to Italy from Bengala, for example—with fragments and elements of her eastern heritage.

Akash Ganga is available as a 12” EP with a poster by designer Giorgio Di Salvo. You can pick up the release here, with closing cut, “27.09.87” available as a download via WeTransfer below.