Burgeoning Stateside label CGI has built a small but solid catalog since its founding last year, counting records from budding producers such as Alex Falk and Golden Donna to its run. Now, CGI is set to issue its next release later this month in the form of the four-track Up Neck from Savannah, Georgia-based producer C Powers. Pulled from the record’s b-side is “Phoenix Down,” a tough and heavy house track which smears sludgy sample manipulations and machine-made percussion stabs across a burrowing rhythmic structure that digs deeper as the track moves throughout its five-minute run. C Powers’ Up Neck EP is set to see an official release on October 30; in the meantime, those interested in getting a more comprehensive introduction to the world of CGI can check out label head TWINS‘ recent mix—which plots the The Future Sound of CGI Records—after the jump.

Phoenix Down