There will surely be a day when the current generation of beat makers will sit on their high horse, relishing in the memory of the painstaking hours spent writing the automation for filter sweeps, tweaking delay times, and, in the case of “Physics,” manipulating the flanger effect parameters with a keyboard and mouse instead of just having the computer simply read your mind or whatever we’ll be able to do in 40 or 50 years time. But for now, making borderline-ADD, detail-oriented electronic music takes time, time most likely spent sitting alone staring at your computer. That’s where we find Denver-based producer Iuengliss, who appears to have undergone quite the effort to craft his brand of constantly moving electro beats for a new LP entitled Blank Matter (artwork above). “Physics” is just one example, with its triumphant chord progression and glistening melodies being constantly thrown through some sort of sonic manipulator every few bars while simultaneously being decorated with sporadic auditory glimpses that appear as quickly as they return into the ether. Furthermore, Iuengliss has even gone so far as to create an audio/visual microsite where you can stream and download the entire album, and check out a video for every single song that appears on Blank Matter. You can check out the microsite here after giving “Physics” a spin below.