Doing remixes of high-profile artists is certainly one way to make sure people take notice of your work. Obviously, it also helps to make those remixes good, but it’s equally important to make your own production style stand out in the mix of familiar sounds. And that’s exactly what Barcelona’s My Dry Wet Mess (pictured above) does on his rework of Flying Lotus’ Pattern + Grid World cut “Pie Face.” The playful bleeps and bloops and lighthearted swagger of producer Steven Ellison’s original track are still intact, but the Spanish beatsmith tweaks those sounds into a jam with a tad more textural atmosphere, stuttering bounce, and cluttered sound palette. My Dry Wet Mess’ remix quite expertly rides the line between respecting his source material and flexing his own style, and stands up well next to his own tracks from his just-released debut album on Magical Properties, Irrational Alphabet. (via LA Times)

Pie Face (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)