With anti-austerity candidates making strides in this week’s elections in Italy, Greece, and France, the acronym PIIGS is once again rising to the lips of financial analysts, and will likely stay there for some time. While the wider world of electronic music tends towards the apolitical, producer Sight and the Hsuan imprint, both based in Ireland (one of the “I”‘s in PIIGS), are making their positions known with this apparent dig at government cuts to social services and benefits. In mid-June, the three-track Piigs EP will be released, and although it will not contain this particular mix, it will contain the original version of “Piigs,” a remix by British producer Walton, and the tune “Slow.” “Piigs (Remember 96 Mix)” straddles the line between bass and techno with an off-beat kick drum, floating layers of synthesizer notes and chords, and a thick bassline.

Piigs (Remember 96 Mix)