Just yesterday, an intimate video surfaced of San Francisco resident and rhythm experimentalist Shlohmo speaking to local videographers Yours Truly in and around his home. The wonderfully shot clip—which you can watch here or after the jump below—was also soundtracked by a fresh remix the producer made for one of his latest tunes, “Places.” On this new version of the song, Shlohmo mixes his wavering vocal coos high above the jangly guitar strums, herky-jerky synth melodies, and molasses-slow beats, which all work towards giving it a more personal and oddly soulful vibe compared to its predecessor. Then things grow even more intense with distorted vocals, fuzzy atmosphere, and more percussive elements as “Places (Yours Truly Remix)” plays out, and we start to question which version of Shlohmo’s song we enjoy more. It’s probably a tie.

Places (Yours Truly Remix)