It’s pretty safe to say that Blacktee is one of those producers who is absolutely obsessed with the sounds of the future. For instance, take this cut from his newly released EP, Tek Yu Time, which serves as the first offering from the freshly minted No Stranger to Danger imprint (run by the folks over at the Can of Thought blog). “Plasmid” is just dripping with a dazzling array of sonics sure to please any lazer-sound fiend—there’s the whirling opening seconds full of buzzing pads and distant celestial melodies, and then there’s the ever-evolving arpeggiator which dips, dives, and modulates at every turn. But before you write the Romanian producer off as just another spacey beat head, listen closely as he takes us for a few unexpected twists with “Plasmid,” even touching down in a tastefully triumphant build-up before unleashing his heavy, skittering beat to its full effect.