Dublin’s PolyGlove aim for transcendence in their music via a hypnotic stream of psychedelic, analog techno. The techno they craft is built on driving rhythms, heavy bass, and a post-punk like ferocity; and on their latest EP, On Tick, they serve up the transcendence in a dark and relentless set of tracks.

From the wall-shaking bass of “Smack” to the title track’s unforgiving groove and “Pure Zaq,” a slower, more meditative cut that falls in line with Aphex Twin’s earlier explorations, the EP shows the duo are more than adept at any tempo and style. Alongside the originals is a bonus remix by Santa Wrek, who’s interpretation looks to alien-like sci-fi textures and subtle fx.

In support of the EP, you can download the title track via WeTransfer below, with the full EP arriving on cassette via de/konstruk/cionez on June 9.

On Tick