Italian house producer Broke One (a.k.a. Fabio Brocato) is giving away a free track to celebrate hitting 150k listens on SoundCloud. The tune, called “Polygons and Soda,” is another example of Brocato’s effortlessly smooth, mellow, and club-ready sound, which you may already be familiar with if you heard his remix we posted earlier this week. Beginning with filtered piano stabs, swelling synth lines, fleeting sixteenth-note percussion, and a deep sub-bass, Broke One’s production slowly progresses from a subdued slowburner to a full-fledged dancefloor stimulant. Hopefully “Polygons and Soda” will be enough to satiate listeners while we wait for Brocato’s new releases to drop via Lone’s Magic Wire label and Hamburg record hub Liebe Detail.

Polygons And Soda (Original Mix)