Polynation is an exciting new live electronic music project from two Amsterdam-based artists Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut. Polynation dropped its debut EP, Allogamy on November 13 via Dutch label Atomnation, which is also home to analogous artists such as Applescal, David Douglas, Gidge, and Sau Poler. The five tracks on Allogamy present a varied but refined sound—one of deep, melodic subtitles and emotional depth, and enough club-focused punch to move any dancefloor. In support of the EP, XLR8R has been gifted “Damp,” an engrossing slice of deep, melodic house that grabs your attention from the outset with its gorgeous pads and organic textures. Across its seven-and-a-half minute run time, the Amsterdam duo layer in an assortment of synths and slicing percussion, slowly building the tension to a beautiful and climactic finish. Ahead of the full EP release, “Damp” is available as a free download below.