In anticipation of Ropechain, the second album from Indianapolis-based weirdsmith Grampall Jookabox, Asthmatic Kitty has just released a free digital EP sure to keep the fans satisfied until his full-length drops November 4th. Available from the label’s website, the Rill Bruh EP contains several choice outtakes and remixes that didn’t make it onto the album. Here we find Deppchef chopping “Ponta” into a snap-crackling dubstep number that could easily pass as a collaborative side-project from Rustie and Thom Yorke.

Rill Bruh EP
01 The Girl Ain’t Preggers
02 Ponta (Deppchef Remix)
03 Peace Attack
04 Air Penance
05 That Steamboat Gothic Stomp
06 Tic Tac Sumac (Future Rapper/ Liz Janes Remix)
07 Bad Wis My ‘Sploder
08 That Steamboat Gothic Stomp (Ero Remix)

Ponta (Deppchef Remix)