You’ve really got to hand it to the women populating our world’s clubs. Whether it’s MCs spouting off their stream-of-conscious nonsense or DJs dropping one booty jam after the other, females are constantly being corralled onto the dancefloor with demands of what to do with their various body parts. Some such requests go unrequited, to be sure, but if you’re a girl and you’re on the dancefloor when MaddJazz‘s “Pop Dat Pussay” drops, you’re going to have a hard time refusing the track’s suggestions of how to treat your nether regions. Though not on his forthcoming Mind of a MaddMan EP, the Ghetto Division cohort (who helped hook us up with their Chicago-centric podcast for XLR8R a few months back) delivers booming bass thumps, pristine synth stabs, and simple percussive elements on this track, which work perfectly alongside the hyperactive, traffic-directing vocal sample—effectively coercing the ladies of the world to ‘shake what they mamma’s gave ’em’ with some of Chicago’s finest ghetto-house.

Pop Dat Pussay