Don’t get us wrong. We’re big fans of Denver’s Travis Egedy and his fine work as Pictureplane. We’re very excited for his new album, Thee Physical, which comes out on July 19. But the one-time emo fanboys on the XLR8R staff—who shall remain nameless, we have to maintain at least a few cool points here—can’t get over how much the vocals on “Post Physical” sound like those of post-hardcore demigod Blair Shehan of Knapsack and The Jealous Sound. Are we alone here? Listen to this or this and tell us that we’re crazy. Anyways, people that don’t care about decade-old emo might want to know that Pictureplane originally gave away “Post Physical” yesterday as a free download through his SoundCloud. However, the free downloads ran out in about five minutes, so we’ve gone ahead and re-posted the track here for the masses. Now, everyone can enjoy its washy, rough-edged synths, jungle-referencing beat, catchy melodies, and late-’90s/early-’00s emo vocal stylings. We’re kidding. Sort of.

Post Physical