Jules Rosset (a.k.a Povoa) is preparing to release “Yel,” a new single via Moshi Moshi Records. It’s the second track to be taken from his forthcoming Hiatus EP, following the release of his debut single, Okopipi.

Povoa explains that “Yel” offers “a groove without boundaries,” evidenced as he weaves psychedelic splashes of color into a  danceable groove. “My aim for Yel was to turn familiar scenes into abstract visuals, in order to create tension and intensify that incredible bassline,” he continues. “The use of water helped to create the sense, and pace, of the music continually moving forwards.” 

Rosset formed his Povoa project whilst studying at the American School of jazz music in Paris, where he fell in love with electronic music in the dark basement of Paris clubs. From that point on he began to produce his playful and immersive take on electronic music. 

In support of the upcoming Hiatus EP, out next month, you can download “Yel” in full below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.