Back on May 2, Pow-Low released his latest EP, Ghost Note, on PSYCLE.

Ghost Note will continue a fruitful partnership between Pow-Low and PSYCLE., one that has seen him release four standout singles on the label—it also follows his collaboration with award-winning film score composer Rainer Oleak back in January. A trained jazz musician who studied under Pierre Favre, Pow-Low’s tracks are injected with soul and a subtle artistry that is rare in club-based music, and Ghost Note presents this beautifully with three funk-filled house cuts. 

Following through dubby opener “Ghost Note” to the chunky grooves of “Cargo Cult” and the closing track’s complex minimal-techno energy, the EP is sure to provide dancefloor tools across all hours of the night—and day, too. 

In support of the release, you can grab the EP’s title track via WeTransfer below, with the EP available here

This is another hugely accomplished EP of richly produced house sounds from PowLow.