London-based producer EAN makes tough, skittering tunes with just the right amount of punch and a mess of hyperactive synthwork. Indebted to the warm snarl of Rustie and Chicago footwork in equal measure, his take on Lewis James‘ “Powerchild” packs as much wallop as it does surprise; EAN simply does not sit still on this one. Beginning with a pastoral synthline, EAN gradually warps the tune from the inside out with speedy turns on the hi-hat and playfully pitch-shifted speech that bounces off a distant vocal—there’s even a wailing guitar surgically spliced in midway through. At just over four minutes, the rework manages to spread itself over a lot of territory, including an eye-opening finish too good to give away. EAN’s remix is included on Lewis James’ recently releasedKrakatoa EP.

Powerchild (EAN Remix)