Late last month, Prairie—Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Marc Jacobs—released his latest album, After The Flash Flood, on Denovali Records

The album follows a 2013 EP (I’m So In Love I Almost Forgot I Survived A Disaster) and a 2015 LP (Like a Pack of Hounds) on Berlin imprint Shitkatapult with 10 deeply-moving cuts. The album showcases Jacobs’ love of narrative in a cinematic offering that flows through blackened drones and frozen textures with a post-apocalyptic theme at its core—a soundtrack to the apocalypse if it “was painted in several layers of pastel gouache.” Sonically ruined guitar lines, processed field recordings, subtle drum programming, and warped synths provide the source material across the album, which Jacobs flips into new territory. 

In support of the album, Denovali has offered up tense album cut “Underwater Body Hunting” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below. 

You can pick up the After The Flash Flood here