If the picture above wasn’t enough of a tip, Vienna-based producer Brenk Sinatra (alternately referred to simply as Brenk) is a purveyor of stoney sounds—stoned-out, jazzy hip-hop beats to be more exact—and he’s gone ahead and offered up “Predido,” a track from his forthcoming full-length, Gumbo II. The LP, which drops September 2, not only marks the man’s third album in three years, but comes with an astonishing 23 instrumentals to its name, and has even been gathering accolades from the likes of DJ Premier, who’s been quoted as saying, “Brenk Sinatra, he’s got the funk.” We’re certainly not ones to argue with a legend of his stature, and as “Predido” proves with its swirling, jazz-infused funk, there really is no need to.