Hailng from Austin, Texas VVV is the chosen moniker of Shawhin Izaddoost, a producer who can often be found exploring the more tender ends of slow-motion beatwork. Kicking off his forthcoming Separate Planes EP for Seattle’s Hush Hush label is “Present Tense,” a rain-soaked cut which laces its simple, understated beat with long-winded chords and a syncopated assemblage of gushing vocal chops. Spending little time on an intro, here VVV instead focuses on the track’s gradual conclusion, which utilizes the tune’s final minute to methodically break down “Present Tense,” elongating its dreamy atmosphere and sinking the listener deeper into VVV’s chosen textures. “Present Tense” and five other similarly nocturnal efforts will be available on VVV’s Separate Planes EP when it drops on April 21.

Present Tense