On their new album Mr. Machine, Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer, and Paul Frick defy dance music conventions by eschewing computers, 808s, and sampling in favor of the kind of live instrumentation you might find in a mini-orchestra. The jazzy compositions created by violin, cello, piano, tuba, harp, various percussion, and warm synth bass experiment freely with dissonance and complex rhythms and would probably feel more at home on a playlist including Medeski, Martin, and Wood than pumping out of a subwoofer at a club. That being said, it appears that Soul Clap (pictured above), like Brandt, Brauer, and Frick, understand that the differences between jazz, classical, and house music are more subtle than one might expect. On this remix of “Pretend,” the party-loving Boston duo keeps the haunting feel of the original by rearranging its screeching violins, rolling piano half-steps, and the melancholy vocals provided by Ninja Tune artist Emika, but also lets the song’s latent dance grooves shine through by adding extra emphasis to the marimba loop, adding some four-on-the-floor, and thickening up the cello and Moog bass.

Pretend (Soul Clap Remix)