Next up on Midgar Records is an EP from PRG/M, titled Radiant Fields. 

The EP is composed by six tracks, four on vinyl and two on digital. It marks Pier Giuseppe Mariconda’s debut on the Berlin label, following recent appearances on Subsidence and Delirio. It will be Midgar’s first release of 2019, after a strong 2018 that saw EPs from Nuel and Wata Igarashi, and an album from Susumu Yokota. 

In advance of the EP’s March release, with a date still pending, you can download “Mefite” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to GDPR restrictions. 


A1. Radiant Fields

A2. Line Fault

B1. Flegrei

B2. Hirpinia-231180 

D1. Magnitudo (digital)

D2. Mefite (digital)