Though the Amansara LP counts as Chancha Via Circuito‘s (pictured above) latest full-length effort, his “Prima” track actually stems from the Argentinian producer’s 2010 LP for ZZK, Rio Arriba. While its unclear if this remix from Brooklyn artist Helado Negro has simply been sitting in the vaults for four years or is the result of a more recent revisiting of Chancha Via Circuito’s past album, the rework is certainly worth a listen. Where the original version of “Prima” laces its digital cumbia core with dubbed-out stabs, Helado Negro’s version warps the track into a more wobbly affair, one filled with extra doses of manipulated percussion and a range of other sonic eccentricities. Helado Negro’s previously unreleased remix can be grabbed below, while Chancha Via Circuito’s recent In the Studio feature can be read here.

Prima (Helado Negro Remix)