Fresh off his single for Ikonika’s and Optimum’s Hum & Buzz label, Australia’s Dro Carey already has another serving of cross-genre bass music productions on its way in the form of a new seven-track EP, Journey with the Heavy (artwork above). Here, we have a cut that didn’t find its way onto the EP, but certainly not for lack of quality. Carey’s harrowing bass, revolving rhythms, and tasty R&B vocal chops yield some favorable results, leaving us rife with anticipation for his upcoming EP, which marks his debut for the RAMP imprint, and exactly what the record will have in store when it drops December 5. Journey with the Heavy‘s full tracklist can be found after the jump. (via Pitchfork)

01 Talk Smak
02 Tarred Adonis
03 958
04 Motorvibe
05 Brite Lotion
06 Journey With The Heavy
07 Velvet mouth (Digital Exclusive)