The delightfully quirky members of The Chap just can’t stop having fun. Their recently released Ghostly debut, Mega Breakfast, found the London, U.K.-based experimental pop outfit singing about girls, clubbing, and cycling over high-energy guitars and foot-stomping rhythms. Now, the band has gone and compiled a mini-album full of remixes, covers, and a few unreleased tracks entitled Builder’s Brew.

The release sees Tigersushi’s Joakim turning “Ethnic Instrument” into a 4/4 electro banger, while anticon. band Thee More Shallows and Athens, Greece-based producer Electroware also stepped up took on remix duties Not to be missed, of course, is The Chap’s hilariously deadpan version of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

2009 tour dates are in the pipeline. In the meantime, check this radio edit of the track “Proper Rock,” which lives up to its names.

Builder’s Brew
01 Proper Rock (Radio Edit)
02 Young and Joyful Bandit
03 Un Deux Trois Boxen
04 Nice Face
05 Ethnic Instrument (Joakim Remix)
06 Auto Where To (Electroware Remix)
07 Caution Me (Thee More Shallows Remix)
08 What’s Love Got to Do With It

The Chap – Proper Rock