Last month, PIV label head Prunk released Journey, a min-album providing a retrospective of some of his highlights from the last two years.

Made up of seven deep house cuts, Journey is a nod to a timeless and classic genre, done with stylistic nuances that position Prunk as a master of the groove. Listen through the album and you’ll find all manner of house, from the title track’s sun-drenched vibes to the dreamy atmospheres of “New Mountain” and euphoric closer, “The Light.”

With the release now on the shelves, Prunk has offered up “Studio 54” as today’s XLR8R download. Like much of the album, “Studio 54” is a feel good dancefloor cut in the vein of the free and hedonistic club from which it takes its name.

You can grab “Studio 54” below, with the album available here.

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.