In its first few years of existence, Anenon‘s Non Projects label has so far served as an outlet for a tight-knit group of musicians, producers, and their interwoven projects. Now, the imprint has reached outside of its immediate circle for its latest signee, Australian-born artist Phoebe Kiddo, and is offering the Berlin resident’s debut release as a free download. “Psyche” is a cut from the Tripping on the Wake of Goodbyes EP, one which gracefully manipulates momentum and ammasses layers of grainy textures around free-flowing piano loops and driving pulses of sub-bass. The reserved mood which marks “Psyche,” as well as Kiddo’s attention to sonic detail, allows the burgeoning producer’s work to sit nicely with the rest of the Non Projects catalog. The rest of Tripping on the Wake of Goodbyes can be downloaded here, and will be followed up by a proper full-length called Artefacts of Broken Dreams on August 22.