Devon Steffens and Gabriel Mounsey—who make up the Los Angeles-based collaborative project Psychic Health—released their hypnotic self-titled debut album via Time No Place on December 4. Originally hailing from the City of Angels, the duo’s raw, energetic sound was informed by their travels through both Berlin and Melbourne where they found inspiration within many mutations of uncompromising sound system music.

Dark, minimal, and rigid are a few words that describe the uncompromising techno vibe that has been forged by Psychic Health and their track “Cathedral,” which is being featured as today’s XLR8R download, is no exception. The tune is a cavernous, smokey, and evolving jam with creeping soundscapes that gradually grow with firm ascendancy and fascination.

You can download “Cathedral” in the player below and be sure to check out more from Psychic Health by going to their SoundCloud page here.