As we reported earlier this month, the rapidly expanding Body High imprint recently welcomed Jersey club prodigy DJ Sliink into its ranks. Today, the prolific young label is dropping its first release from the Brick Bandits-affiliated artist, the five-song Vibrate EP. As one might expect, its tracks offer plenty of hard-hitting kicks, infectiously chopped (and frequently repeated) vocal bits, and a gritty, lo-fi sensibility that’s impressively difficult to resist. “Put Cha Back in It” is one such selection, and it’s certainly not short on energy. Rather, it’s an urgent call to arms where it’s all but impossible to determine whether the gunfire-like percussion or full-throated female vocal refrain is more successfully hyping the dancefloor. That said, it’s probably best—and a whole lot more fun—to simply call it a draw and just enjoy the tune. (via FADER)

Put Cha Back In It